Regulatory Advocacy

Municipal Aggregation, Rate GAP Tariff Investigation, Commonwealth Edison Company, Docket No. 11-0434

Consumer Education Information for Residential and Small Commercial Electric Customers, 11-NOI-01

Gas Choice Program, Ameren Illinois Gas Rate Case, Docket 11-0282

Plug-in Electric Vehicle Policy (PEV), Illinois Commerce Commission, Solicitation of Comments

Purchase of Receivables Combined Billing (PORCB), Docket No. 10-0138, Commonwealth Edison Company

Utility Consolidated Billing/Purchase of Receivables (UCB-POR), Docket No. 08-0619c, Ameren Illinois Utilities

ICC Rulemaking for Retail Electric Suppliers
+ Commission Second Notice Order, November 22, 2011
+ Comments of the ICEA, July 26, 2011
+ Commission Final Order, Part 451, September 9, 2010
+ Reply Briefs on Exceptions of ICEA, Part 451, June 8, 2010

Illinois Power Agency (IPA) Procurement Plan, Petition for Approval
+ Commission Final Order, IPA Procurement Plan, December 21, 2011
+ Reply Brief on Exceptions to Proposed Order, ICEA, December 6, 2011
+ Reply Comments, IPA Procurement Plan, ICEA, October 18, 2011
+ Responses to Objections to IPA Procurement Plan, ICEA, October 8, 2011
+ Objections to IPA Procurement Plan, ICEA, October 3, 2011

Illinois Statewide Smart Grid Collaborative (ISSGC)